Feedback for dance-pop

time has passed by and I produced some other tracks in the meanwhile. In my opinion, I improved a bit. Here is a new track which I would call dance-pop. I would be happy to gather some mixing and mastering feedback here. Thanks for listening.


Not sure about this one TBH. Are you sure of your final render and track export or have you maybe changed something in your listening environment ?

Sounds weird here, like if it’s a live recording and some parts distorted or giving a kind of bit crushng effect.

If that’s the final version, then I would suggest to revisit everything reverb + saturation or the final processing you have on the master, feels like everything is sent to reverb & saturation at the moment which makes it difficult to listen in details.

No saturation used. Melodic elements such as guitar, piano and leads are sent to a reverb.

Try to filter out what you’re sending to the reverb and see where it brings the overall mix.

The issue seems to be too much of the low frequencies passing through the reverb and creating some “muddiness” / “boominess” in the low frequencies of the mix.

If you’re using a reverb effect on a return track, you can use EQ and even compression before the reverb to filter out the low end and adjust what you’re actually sending to the reverb ( or maybe the reverb effect you’re using allows you to adjust filtering through its own settings ) , that should help to gain clarity. Just play around with this and different settings to see what it brings to the track :wink:

Hallo Tekalight,
thanks for the tipp. I eq’ed every single track going to the reverb. Update in the first post.

Yep, so that definitely helps to reveal other elements & brings more clarity IMO, sounds much better now :+1:

Took a quick listen yesterday and the kick had way too much sub-lows that was taking lot’s of space and masking other elements, seems you’ve made a new update since and addressed that, so kick is good now.

The pic is the first part ( see timing ) and highlights 2 sounds that I think are not working well in this track : there’s this percussion sound used between the kicks and a kind of effect sound at 1:02 ( it’s used multiple times in the track ).

All of that said, it’s a little cool track, the good thing is much more dynamic range in your overall mixing, but the melody and sounds used are a bit cheesy in my honest opinion, can’t say it fits with a Dance/Pop genre track, missing a chords progression that’s grabbing the listener attention and many other elements.

That’s usually the point where I would move to work on something else and come back to it after a while or reference tracks in this genre if you plan to do a rework.

Mister Pop” Austin Hull waiting for you to have a listen here :wink:

Hope this helps & keep it up !

Cheers :sunglasses: