Feedback for loop

I have not the best equipment and wonder if the low end is to thin or rumbling or for this kind of stuff ok ?
Thank you.

It sounds good too me! but if i made this Loop i would open up the bass with another “wet bass” try copying it and adding some FX like flanger or phaser playing with it until it sounds good but your on the right path

your drums sound good maybe a little more panning on the Hats hard to tell with a work in progress
some thing that might be making it “muddy”

Is your kick in the right key?
did you cut the low in the Hats?
is your bass peaking anywhere?

Thank you for the reply.
I tuned the kick or the tuned kick is in G with the bass. :slight_smile: Bass peaking - i don’t think so. The bass level is not hot. Maybe the hats are a bit to muddy yes. I eq’ed everything but the bass/kick to be above 200Hz so that nothing clashed with the low end.
Next test. Better ?

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nice sounds good!! keep chipping away I think it will turn out to be a pretty good sounding track. there is a ferry corsten feel to it i like it a lot like something off his L.E.F album

Those drums sound good!

Drums are from GEIST 2. Parallel Compression etc. :slight_smile: