Feedback for my house track

Constructive feedback for my house track


Hey Jason.

For my taste I might try roll off some highs from the kick and clap but I think the clap especially is too sharp and transient. You could try compress or use a softer clap. That may help your track to have more of a chill vibe.

At 1.30 I would keep the hats out or introduce them quieter to help have more contrast when the track drops back in again at 2:00. Perhaps try use some other percussion to have some rhythm and build up the energy there.

I think the base arrangement is pretty good building up to that 2:00 drop. I’d keep the hats driving on from 2:00 to 2:30 to keep the energy up there.

I’d suggest you experiment with adding some musical flourishes here and there, perhaps a few notes of something with delay for example. Try add in some spot effects here and there for interest. You could also try some risers and crashes or downlifter effects for your transitions. Even if those transition effects are not particularly loud or present, I really think they could help your track. :relaxed:

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thanks for the feedback.

Pretty much agree with @big_phil comments :wink:

Also, I really find that this track needs to “breath”, give it space & spread in the stereo field, you’ve got a nice foundation but the track sounds very 'tight" & compressed at the moment. Your kick and sharp percussion sounds are taking a lot of energy and accentuate that feeling as well.

Check this one out, lot’s of great techniques to give live and get wider mixes in this course :wink:

Creating Wide Mixes with Protoculture

Thanks A lot Teklight and Big_Phil your suggestions for my track improved it. I just applied your feedback. :pray: