Feedback for my new track? Thank you :-)

Hi, everybody!

I have been working on my 6th track last days. I hope to be doing better. On October, I will start an 9-month EDM Production course in a known academy in my country (Spain).

Best regards!

Hi there @wingx

Quite a rich track in terms of elements, which makes it entertaining for the listener. I also found the progression & arrangement much better than in the last track feedback BTW, nice work for this part.

Now seriously, my only advice for now ( that’s also what’s preventing me to give precise mixing feedback :wink: ) is to really get your levels down, you’re clipping in the red all the way with this one, it’s overdone in terms of volume & loudness. Remember that in the digital world there’s nothing above 0 dBFS, above this you’re clipping, thus loosing audio information & introducing distortion. For the rest good work :wink:

There are many plugins out there to help you with LUFS metering, even free ones and this month the offline mix check tool Expose is free with any purchase by Plugin Boutique, it’s also a nice tool to have in your arsenal IMO.

Check those tuts that might be helpful :

Thanks for the comments, @Tekalight.

I set the limiter at -0,3 but I tend to normalize when I export the project. I will check this issue before uploading a project online and I will check those tuts and plugins.

Thank you, again :slight_smile:

Yep, referring to dBFS metering only is not the best way when it comes to loudness and mixing for digital online medias like Soundcloud, Spotify…etc. Next to that before pushing the limiter, you need to take care of your mixing levels.

Doing this right from the start makes things easier when it comes to mastering or pushing the track to reach commercial levels. The Kirk Degiorgio’s tutorial on loudness & metering should be informative.

Hope this helps, cheers !