Feedback for Progressive House Track

Feedback for this track would be greatly appreciated. Particularly on the mixdown. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi there,

It’s a nice track with pleasing melodic elements and a chill vibe to it, good choice of sounds and nice rhythm as well, the kick fits very well in the track.

Now in my opinion, the main issue here is with the synth parts and especially this arpeggio lead synth that’s playing during the all track. This sound comes in almost full at 0:30, it eventually opens even more after that and we have to wait until 9:00 to “get rid” of it, I use “get rid” on purpose here, because of the ear fatigue and lost of interest this sound creates in the end.

It’s a very plucky synth sound, way too much louder in the Mix in comparison to the other elements, it takes too much space and energy, it’s masking other nice elements and OK, you manage to create melodic variations with notes & chords changes during the all track, but it soon start to bring listening fatigue and even becomes annoying if I’m honest.

This is a 10 + minutes track, it’s rather long, you have to be cautious and try to keep listeners interest going and you did that with adding elements on top of that arp, but since it’s already a loud and quite sharp & plucky sound, it ends up by taking too much space and energy and brings ear & mind fatigue after a while.

Back off this sound in volume, tame the levels and avoid the harsh sounding peaking notes, you have the piano, the vocals, rhythm elements and other synths sounds that need space to be heard in the mix and they are all masked by this arpeggio pluck lead.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great sound, but it should not be the main element of the track IMO, it needs to be more distant in terms of placement and level, that will help to create room for other elements and you can’t keep with this arp playing “full” during almost 10 minutes, that doesn’t work for me.

You made a very nice outro part, so you also have to keep that way to be progressive when bringing things in and sometimes less is more.

For the rest of the mix down, I would check the bass ( you probably can round it up a bit by getting rid of some sub frequencies and extra low end you don’t need ), definitely boost the mid range of the vocals and use more reverb on them, pay attention to peaks in the higher frequency range in general, but again, you need to start by taming down that arpeggio pluck synth, it will help to re-balance the other elements.

Again, nice track and good choice of sounds, could be a very pleasant one but don’t make it a wall of sound right from the start until the end, try to keep things super progressive and instead of adding elements, experiment with cutting parts.

But yep, nice track overall, can definitely be pushed further :wink:

thanks a lot for the detailed feedback :). I will try to bring to bring more variation in the arrangement of future tracks by focusing on removing elements rather than just adding more elements.

That one is really nice IMO, just to busy with this ARP, if you tame down this part and manage to make it more subtle in the all Mix and not playing all the time, then the other elements should start to “speak” by themselves.

This track deserves a revision, pleasant stuffs in this one :wink: Might worth the time to review it, or get back to it in a while with fresh ears and a different perspective. It’s not easy to judge his own music right after finishing a project.

Cheers !

Yeah, I will revise the mixdown and arrangement a bit. Thanks once again for taking the time out to listen and for the meticulous feedback. Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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It’s a beautiful song. I really like the mood and the little things you do and how most of the sounds play nicely together. It’s really telling a story and has a flow, which is a lot. What I dislike is the lack of variation in that arpeggiated synth and especially that high glass stabby sound or whatever that sound is. Please think of us old people, because those high sharp sounds are very taxing on the ear. I would just remove the sharp glass sound and do more filter fx variations on the arpeggio. After 9 minutes, in the outro, you start to play with the quietness. You could do much more with it. Why not bring in that section after 3 minutes? Fade out the arpeggio, play around with piano, maybe some long counter melody with a pad or string, the arpeggio comes back, and for the ear orgasm you slip in a non-conventional chord change.

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thanks a lot for the feedback. I will definitely try to not make the same arrangements mistakes in the future :slight_smile: