Feedback for this idea

hey guys :smiley: i just wanted your feedback for this idea that i have

Hi there and welcome to the forums :wink:

Won’t put this one under the “House” genre TBH ( at least not Classic House :wink: ), it’s got more modern Pop or kind of Melodic House feel to it IMO.

That said, it’s a cool track in terms of arrangement and progression and sounds choice, so not much to say about this. Mixing wise, the track sounds very compressed and saturated at the moment. Less processing and mixing at quieter levels might help.

Hope this helps !

Keep it up :+1:

thanks for the feedback :smiley: yeah even i felt that it sounds very saturated i will work on that quieter levels and lesser processing willl help THANKS AGAIN^^

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It sounds very good! The only thing I could say is that it maybe gets a bit to loud at 1:32.

thank you so much for your feedback i really to work on mixing skills