Feedback greatly appreciated

hey, this is my latest effort with a bit of help from the prog house tutorial, it still needs alot of work which i may or may not do and i think the production is pretty crap but i’m kinda wondering what people think of the motifs ive used more than that and do you think music like this would be good enough to be released if the production was spot on…

anyway have a listen and see what you think :slight_smile:

hey ekko, I tried to listen but that zshare site is pretty slow for me. Seemed to get stuck when it was trying to load some ad it was pushing. So couldn’t listen in the end. Have you tried Soundcloud, it’s free!

hey, sorry about that, yeah i have a soundcloud account, i’d just rather get it finished before i stick it up there but tbh im sick listening to it so gonna leave it for a few days

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds heres the completed version of this track if anyone wants a listen, got a bit lazy with the drumfills but **** it im done with it, btw how do i get my soundcloud tracks to play off the forum?