Feedback Inflexion "Pure" Remix

I took some of the samples from the original as i couldnt find any midi out there. Toughened up the bassline to a more modern sound and pushed up the bpm to 137. A nice project to work on as i was trying different ways to sidechain the bass than the normal compressor ducking.Seems to work well.

Hey @markshevlin

You’re bringing back memories here touching such an old classic ! :smile:

Nice remix BTW, liked the arrangement. Could benefit of some levels adjustment I think, your kick & drums are very loud and leaves the synths sounds behind, especially in the first part and when starting again after the break. You get it more when listening to the mix in mono. The kick and ride are very much in the front, the synth bass & other nice sounds you’ve got would shine a bit more if you balance levels and blend the mix a bit more, at least that’s my impression after listening.

Hope that could help,
Cheers !

Cheers for the feedback. I am using a plugin to mono sounds below a certain freq while leaving the others in stereo. Do you think i have it set too high?

No, with MONO @Tekalight means that you should listen the entire mix in mono while mixing to have the instruments better balanced in their level.

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Like @niklasp wrote, I was referencing to listening to the all mix in Mono vs Stereo. Switching between both during listening helps to see what’s happening in terms of levels, panning, stereo image…etc.

In this case it confirms that your drums ( and especially kick & ride ) are too much loud. If you use a plugin to mono certain frequencies ( you could even make the entire Kick track mono, it’s common practice ) then this frequency or this track will be more " in your face", it will sit more in the front within your mix.

It’s a good thing to do with kick & bass because those are major elements in a track but then you should pay attention to the levels of those elements because making something Mono is already adding more presence, therefore those element’s levels have to be watched & reduced by a few dB to sit well in your mix and not covering the other sounds.

So I was just pointing of some gain staging in my first reply. You could start by muting all tracks except the kick and then lower down it’s level ( -4 or -6 dB even more maybe ) , then bring in the other elements one after the other and preferably starting with drums & bass and balanced their levels in context.

That way you could rebalanced & gain staged your all mix. Keep some head room like -4 or -6 dB on your master channel and don’t play with your master fader : leave it at 0 dB, always. In fact, it’s also the best way to deal with all track’s fader : keep them at 0 dB and use a gain plugin/tool (depending of your Daw), that avoids issues with fader behavior simulation in DAWs and it will also gives you a better representation of all levels when using meters.

What you want to have is a well balanced mix that you’re happy with in terms of levels, clarity, dynamics…etc hitting your mix bus or your master channel. After that you can try to increase levels & loudness and polish your mix using filtering EQ, EQ, Compressor, limiter etc… But you have to get a correct gain staging & well balanced mix before that step.

Hope that’s not too much confusing and hey ! :wink: It’s just one direction & one way to do things, it’s not a mandatory rule that works, just common practice tip, you’ve got to find the workflow and tools that suits you best.

Cheers !

Thanks for the detail. Thats alot to work on but it makes sense :smiley: I really appreciate your time in listening and also providing some great feedback. Thank you. Also big thanks to Niklasp for your feedback too, much appreciated!

You’re welcome, glad you appreciate it :smile:

Maybe it’s an opportunity to give each others feedback now, @niklasp is also asking for track feedback and like I mentioned on his topic [quote=“Tekalight, post:6, topic:34240”]
Still expecting to see others comment here, I’m sure everyone could benefit of other’s advise & point of view, would like to see more feedback & exchange on the SA forums ! :clap:

So check the Track Feedback category and don’t be shy to post, it could be beneficial for all :wink: