[Feedback] My entry for the Vangelis Kostoxenakis competition!

Competition: Vangelis Kostoxenakis - Zip It Remix Competition with Talk Of The Town | Sounds
Hey everyone! I submitted this remix for the Vangelis Kostoxenakis remix competition and I would love to hear you guys’ feedback and criticisms. I only had two days to make the track before the deadline so it was a rushed job. If I win the competition (the track is in 2nd place at the moment), I would like to resume work to get it sounding as tight as possible!

One of my own criticisms I have of this track is whether the breakdown at ~2m:40s works within the greater context of the track. Let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks all, peace,


Hey @lukehemmings


According to the remix-comp rules & disclaimers, you’re not allowed to post any remix or material on SoundCloud or any other Medias or social hubs. Please refer to the comp rules it states

  • 8. Submissions may not be released or distributed for any purposes or through any media whatsoever except by Label in its sole discretion

You also had another pop-up warning when downloading the remix resources.

Please refer to the Dome Kane remix Comp page to see this also being pointed at by Chris.

So you should be removing this track from your SoundCloud account & any other media, especially since the competition is just not finished yet and winners have not been announced !!

Before going through the track criticism ( I will do & post again later ) I would like to remind you that the vote here on Sonic Academy Remix-Comp page is just for fun & for remix appreciation by other S.A members.

So while it’s already an achievement to have your track figuring on top of this list, bear in mind that in the end, the final 3 winners are chosen by the Artist or/and Label ( in this case just one man, Vangelis himself ).

Since music is a very subjective thing, you never know what could be in one’s head when picking up his best tracks !!

He recently posted a preview of the “Zip it” EP album release on his Label TOTT, that’s also a reference to see what kind of sound he could be after. I already posted the links on both tutorial & remix-comp page otherwise head up to his SoundCloud.

Just thought it was important to remember that in order to avoid confusion between the remix ranking here on S.A forums & the final winners pick up by competition rulers.

Back to your track in a moment, just give me a bit of time … -:slight_smile:

Cheers !

Sorry, I see how what I said might have sounded wrong or mislead - I am supportive of the competitions we hold here at SA and I think all of the submissions have been fantastic! By ‘win’ I just meant to have my submission chosen by Vangelis (possibly among others) and not other members of the community. Looking forward to the feedback!



Hey again,

Sorry, in my hurry to reply to you I completely forgot one very important point, please head back to my first reply that I just updated, your mix should not be on your SoundCloud !!

We can use your submitted remix here for track feedback. :wink:

I got what you meant man, I was just making the point between the “fancy” ranking & the vote feature here on S.A forums as opposed to the final winners selection by artist/label :wink:

Gotcha, removed the track from my SoundCloud. It was only for private personal use anyway but I’ve taken it down still.

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Thanks for your understanding & fast action and sorry again, but there must be some rules among those competitions :wink:

I’ll get to that track feedback now that this is solved. :smile:

OK, I had a listen at it before when you submitted BTW :wink:

Just listened to your mix again, it’s a rich mix in terms of elements, it’s entertaining and has got that glitch & fx type of tech house sounds into it.

Arrangement wise I’m not sure about the part from 2:49 to 3:20, this break ( after break maybe ? lol ) section with this heavy bass chords just does not seem to cope with the all track. I would get rid of it for more track consistency. Next to that a 7mn track is quite long to keep the tension on without boring the listener, so you could go without this section which again is confusing ( looks like you’re mixing another track in to introduce it and then you go back to first part ).

Mixing wise, the rumble caused by your bass line sound being quite loud is very dominant but I missed clarity & catchy bass notes to help giving groove & energy to the track during my listening experience.

Overall, you’ve been original with your mix and the track is pleasant regardless that breakdown part at 2:49 and the bass sound issue which is something that can be fixed anyway.

So that’s it for me !! Just my own critical listening here, I invite others to comment & share their listening experience too !!

So good luck with your remix, as mentioned before, Vangelis would be the one choosing the tracks that pleases his ears the most, so you never know but I wish you to be part of those 3 !! :wink: