Feedback needed for Remix

Hey guys!

We’re taking part at a remix contest for Jean Elan’s “Feel Alive”.

The remix is almost finished, spending a lot of time on the mixdown these days (the new vids about creating space helped alot :slight_smile: )

So, I’m curious for your feedback. It’s one of our first productions and we hope it’s not too bad. Any advise oder suggestion to make it better is appreciated.

So, here it is:

!PREVIEW! Jean Elan - Feel Alive (Garlic & Pine Remix) by Bill Lizard

I dug it man! A lot. But the snap/clap seemed a bit too high in the mix, that was my only suggestion. It detracted from the other elements. Other than that, I turned up my speakers and dug the hell out of it.

Sounds good man. I agree with Daemon that the clap sound is maybe a little too loud. Also, I think the vocal might be just a tad too loud and have too much bottom end - it sticks out too much in the mix. Try takin away some of those bottom freqs with lil highpass and maybe add a tiny bit of verb to make it sit farther back in the mix.

I noticed on a couple of the lead sounds have a little too much reverb… in a club environment that verb might take away from the bold, crisp, punchy attackiness of the lead.

Other than those few things it’s soundin massive, keep up the good work! :slight_smile: