Feedback on my first LOFI track

Hi everyone, This is my first ever forum on Sonic Academy even tho iv been a memeber for sometime now,
I have recently been listening to alot of Lofi Chillwave, Synthwave Music,

Here is a track I made recently and would appreciate if anyone could give me some feed back to see if I am in the rite ball park

Thank you

Kind Regards Tony

Hi there @Tony_Rhodes

Welcome then… even if you’ve been there for some time :slight_smile:

Sounds great :wink:

Mixing wise if I had to make one suggestion, it would be to filter off some low end and reduce the levels of your synths to bring more the drums in the front. The low end presence makes all synths parts sounding quite “modern”, so if you want to keep a more vintage sound… But it’s a question of taste and what sound your after :wink:

Arrangement wise, it would be great to bring more variations, that main synth riff repeating over time could evolve, varies and be muted along the all track duration.

Bringing counter melodies or other synths ( like you did after the break down ) will make the track a lot more interesting.

But yep, nice one so far :sunglasses:

Hi Tekalight

Thank you for getting back to me its much appricated, ill take that onboard and follow your advice, I’ll make some ajustments and let you have a listen once i’m done pal. But Yeah thank you once again speak soon and take care

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Not sure what to think about this song. It’s not bad, it’s not good, overall I’d say it’s a solid basis for something that I would like.

It starts with a rather pre-digital feeling, reminds me of Johan Timman with more bass, then it turns into slow synthwave with those very Kavinsky Nightcall sounding drums, and then, to be honest, it gets boring. There is not much happening with regards to modulation or melody or structure. My impression is that it’s not a question of skill, but that you lost interest in this song. Very copy&pasty feeling to get over 3:30 minutes.

Personally I’d prefer if you’d explore that late 70s/early 80s synthesizer sound, because there is so much chillwave and synthwave out there nowadays and not enough love for that pre-DX7 synthesizer cheese.

Hi kuchenchef

Thank you for your input, regards to the track its not finished yet and is still a working progress, if i have to be honest im not really a producer as such but more of a experimentalist with music trying out new sounds, what goes and what doesnt, when you refer to the late 70/80 do you mean the Arturia collect synthesizers ?

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Hey, I have no clue how to describe that sound, but yes, in my plugin library Arturia V Collection and UVI Vintage Vault are the ones for this direction.