Feedback on my track please!

Hey guys,

I just released a new track and would like to get some feedback. My friends and family always say they love my music, but I need some more honesty and help improving. I tried to go for a Future Bass style, but I feel like I missed the mark. It probably could use some vocals too, but my first few attempts at it were a bust. Something I need to improve on.

Let me know what you think!

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Hey !

I like the track, it’s maybe a bit too much “kind” for a Future Bass style, because of the slow tempo and the melodics elements in it but in terms of mix-down & audio production it’s a good work done.

The levels are very well balanced, your sound is clear, I even tried to crank up the volume and couldn’t hear distortion, so that’s a great work.

Hope that help.

Cheers !


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, being able to create a certain style of music is a difficult task for me. I tend to go in a direction and then lose sight as I start laying out the track. I think what happens is when adding new instruments I go for what sounds good, but I never ask myself if it matches the style of music I’m trying to create. So I end up with songs like these!

Hi !

Well that should be something to use at your advantage. If you listen/watch/read many producers interviews, when they got to answer the typical question like "if you have one advise to give to others trying to get there ? " they often will answer : “Be unique, I guess !”

So is it the right choice to want to replicate a specific genre ? You can aim to make music that will fit within a genre but with your own taste and sound signature but you can also just make music that you like and think that could please other’s ears and asking yourself : in which genre does this piece belongs now ? ( which is kind of reverse process ).

I have listen shortly to some other tracks on your SoundCloud and it seems to me that you’re a classically trained pianist or musician ( maybe I’m wrong ), but many of your tracks have nice, gentle melodies with interesting progression and your arrangements are very “clean”. Future Bass music is often very gated, syncopated, with grit & distortion, a lot of fx sounds and effects but few melodic elements and sort of “broken” arrangement to create tension & surprise, but is it your music ??

And again, your mix-down technique seems very good to me, so it’s more like you’re dueling between the music you like and the one you would like to make, some people can write music in any genre, and it will work and sound good, some others can’t write anything else that what they feel, perceive and get emotion with.

Cheers !