[Feedback] on Nero(Style) Dubstep/Funky Remix I'm thinking of submitting. What do you all think?

Hi all, I’m truly inspired by some of what you guys are posting here, awesome awesome stuff. I was wondering if anyone would mind giving me some feedback on this track, I think I’m nearing completion.

It still needs a bit of a mixdown/master. What do ya’ll think?

I really appreciate the effort. Thanks again,


Emeli Sandé - Breaking The Law (JTL Remix) (WIP #4) by jimmytruelove

Hey man Nice track.

Really like the vocals great choice of remix. She has a really cool sounding voice. I really like all the bleeping synths sounds. Your snare sounds good aswell. I like the tribally style drums u use before ur drop and for breaks there a nice part to break the arrangement up I dont feel your bass tho man the sub for me isn’t strong enough and your main bass sounds weak almost flimsy to me this is comparing it to nero of course, it just doenst sound thick enough and doesnt have the impact that dubstep bass is suppose to have. So if I was working on this track personally thats the first thing I would look at fixing mate.

Hey Bro :slight_smile:

Really like you’re vocal choice and the atmospheric sound you created around it.

When It drops…it could have a bit more frequenzies in the mid-up to the higher frequencies area.Maybe a bit of a wobble bass to make it sound more strong and dynamic.

Since I listen to dubstep very much I pretty enjoyed you’re track and the ideas behind it. Maybe you’re interested in some collab, if so…just contact me :slight_smile:

Keep on producing!

Thank you very much for all your comments!

I’ll work on fixing the bass, maybe adding some LFO and layering with another sub/lead bassline. Hmmmm…

Thanks again!

Anyone else?