Feedback on Track - My Life is Lit


We are a record label trying to get feedback for our artist’s song. Please let me know what you think and if you could give some critical feedback. I appreciate your time and efforts.

Not really into this genre of music, so it’s a bit more difficult to be objective.

The track is well produced and well mixed, I like the blend of the indian music and heavy/hard trap elements but was expecting something else after the intro TBH.

There’s a load of great and punching hard elements that are all sounding good ( from the subs & low end to more high range Fx sounds ), that’s for sure creative and technically well done but it’s not really connecting well together IMO. Left me with the impression to listen to different parts more than a full track.

If the goal is to move air pressure, speakers or Mexican Lowrider Tuning Cars, then it surely works !!

:sunglasses: :smiley:

But again, not the genre of music I’m used to listen to, so don’t have enough references & expertise to provide more detailed feedback.

Cheers :sunglasses: