Feedback please

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

Been learning to produce since January, would love to get some feedback as I have been progressive slowly (have not put as much time into it as I should)… Any feedback (even if its harsh) would greatly help…

Just for anyone interested here is the Patch (NI Massive) and MIDI for the main lead:



EDIT: Here is the updated version:

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

i think it sounds pretty good, i think if there was some variation on the main riff it could be better, tho i have to say that the track held my attention pretty well for something that repeats for so long, all the changes in the background work well and kept me listening, also the riff is quite strong imo so maybe thats why, surprised this hasnt had any comments or maybe its just my drunken ears :stuck_out_tongue:

Drunken ears you gotta love em!

But really thankyou, I really do appreciate the feedback and definately see what you mean about the Riff.

Will start working on developing my melodies instead of just throwing them in and keeping it the same for 5 mins straight for sure!

not a bad start mate, defo think about getting some more variation in the melodies, if you don’t want to change the bass notes throughout then vary the main riff

Otherwise change the bass notes at some point and introduce some more melodic elements… good potential man

Yep, the other guys are spot on.

You’ve got really good sounds working well together and the rhythmic elements - both percussion and synths all sit well and groove together. It just needs the variation that’s been mentioned to make it a proper epic prog monster.

The main riff needs really to be a four bar progression - bars 1 and 3 can be the same as you have now with bars 2 and 4 having the variety in them that plays off the idea created in the 1st and 3rd bars. Take a look at Jamie’s melody tutorial video here to see it explained better than I can.

Or, the other way of doing it is to have your main riff as it is now for one bar, then the second bar you change to a different synth patch and have the melody in that bar different to the first one - so you get the standard call and response idea of melody - that kind of “where are you?”… “I’m over here”…“where are you?”… “I’m over here”… idea.

Have a listen to my track in my sig below to see what I mean. And sorry for blowing my own trumpet there! :pinch:

Dude, sidechain the **** out of that lead, will sound good trust me.

Have definately been looking at all your feed back, thankyou all so much!

Its been hard figuring out a melody which doesnt stay repetitive, will keep working on it till I find something that keeps the interest going.

Will post it up when its done, I think I am close to the solution, just need to give it more time.

Nice track dude. I like all the sweeping pad sounds u have coming in and out and the delayed drum sounds are cool The patch your using on the main syth in really cool aswell. The bass doesnt sound right though in my opinion its not sitting right with the kick maybe the low ends are fighting for space on same frequency?

Like other peeps have said your main melody needs a chord progression or change in melody with the chords u have at the moment. but tbh I feel your 2nd chord clashes with your melody and after looking at the midi file u provided I saw why. The G your using for the melody and the F your using for your inverted chord are on the same octave and i dont think they work well together with it is how it is. Anyways I’ve written a quick re-edit of your piece using the midi u provided to show u what u could do using a chord progression its embedded below. In it I’ve changed a few bits. I’ve changed the last note of ur melody from a C# to a D because I felt it sounded more in the scale of your melody imo and I put the chords down 2 otaves for the bottom part and 1 octave for the 2nd part above it. If u want the midi for it let me know.

Keep up the good work dude.

And thanks for the comment on my track :slight_smile:

Something Epic’ish? melody re-edit by CraigHathaway

You guys have been extremely helpful, thank you for all your feedback have been working on it and developed this:

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

Will leave the track alone for a bit as listening to it non-stop is driving me mad.

Feedback would be appreciated!

Again thanks to everyone who has provided feedback!