Feedback please

Hey guys just wanted to share this track I’ve been working on, I feel like the hardest thing for me is getting the mix right so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Sorry, checking this very late here :blush:

Nice progression and arrangement and cool melodic elements in this one IMO.

Mixing wise, what I found is that everything is very much brought to the front and in your face, so as a result it’s missing contrast and can get pretty harsh at some point 'cause you need to level up and push levels harder on everything.

You have to make choices and keep elements up front and push some other in the back, that brings contrast to the overall mix and you’ll gain in clarity and less harsh sounding that can bring ear fatigue to listeners. It’s usually a levels thing, keep some head room right from the start with core elements such as kick and bass, it makes mixing easier and you won’t have to push other elements harder, you can always use a limiter on the master to raise up the full mix level.

Hope this helps :wink:

Cheers !