Feedback request on my first album

Hello I’ve been learning from here for a while but this is my first time in the discussion. Would it be possible to grab some feedback from some of the pros? I’ve just released my first album that I’ve written / produced and mastered!
Thank you for everything you’ve taught me so far!!!

Hey there @Feefee

Nice tracks in there :wink: and interesting album because it’s your own music.

Just found the levels to be quite loud & some harsh pics & resonance in the high spectrum range across most of the tracks.

Would be cool if @phil_johnston could have a listen in his studio & give you some feedback :wink:
Could perhaps be something interesting for the “Fix my Mix” live streams on S.A YT channel.

I might not do justice to your work listening in my bedroom setup, and Phil’s expertise is excellent when it comes to “listening like the pros” & giving mixing advice.

Cheers !