Feedback Request


could somebody be so kind to review my track. It is on soundcloud. Thanks. For your info: I spent about 30 hours of work and used as synths sylenth1, massive and spire.

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Hey @niklasp

The track is very appealing for the genre, the synths are shining through and makes the listening experience enjoyable, bringing a “positive feel” during the listening.

If I may suggest I found a lack of low end in the mix, you’re dealing with very high frequencies with the synths and during the most busy parts I was missing the kick & bass while listening. Either the kick is a bit dull or maybe it’s more about reducing the levels of your highs and rolling off some high end frequencies with a final EQ on your master channel. I think that in this case, Mid/Sides EQuing on the master could help.

For the rest, I like it and the arrangement is also nice, good work :wink:

Hallo @Tekalight : Thanks for your comment. I’m glad, you like it. I worked on the low end and the high frequencies of the synths. Will update soon. Thanks again.