FEEDBACK REQUESTED! Suggestions to give "drop" on this track more impact

Hi folks. Working on a remix of a track for a friend of mine. Really happy with where it is right now, but I can’t seem to get the drop to really bang.

Keep in mind the track is in progress and wholly un-mastered and mostly un-mixed.

I like the idea of staying with a very minimal drop if I can make it work, but it just doesn't quite have the oomph I want.

Suggestions and feedback on this (and any other part of the track) welcomed. If you're interested, here's the original:

Nice track bro good work. Maybe what i would do is use the riser when it kicks in aswel. As in hold the same note and then pitch bend it down after about 8 bars . Like in the Above and Beyond track called Formula Rossa .Above & Beyond - Formula Rossa (Original Mix) - YouTube listen to 6:00 and onwards . :smiley: just a suggestion

Good suggestion – will play with that!