Feedback wanted for a track iv wrote

hoping for some pointers as im relatively new to producing and i dont really know others that are into the same style im into that can comment on my music.  any feedback would be brilliant on my mix, arrangement, hooks. anythin at all. thanks

this track would sound really nice if it had a female vocal ambiance sound flowing behind your synth lead.

has a nice easy sound i think the female vocal would give some texture and fill in any lulls in there.

if i were going to remix it that would be the first thing i would add.

that’s my opinion. hope it helps.:slight_smile:

i try to write in a way that my tracks could lend themselves to vocals being added at a later point, however i have no way of recording vocals nor do i know any singers lol.

thanks for the feedback. could you also tell me how the mix/master comes across as it is something i tend to particulary struggle with… :frowning:

this is another track i made recently off simalair style

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personally i think mixing is the easiest part.

it’s 100% a balancing act

you either want parts to stand out a little more or parts you want to stand out a little less. but all the parts must have it’s place in the mix. all depends on you and your original track.

mastering is easy too

send it to some one else!!! but if i were you i would sit right next to them (while their mastering your track) to make sure the track still comes out the way you intended.

i didn’t mean for you to go out and get a professional female vocalist. I

just meant get something from a sample pack. something very simple. you could stutter the vocal too. :slight_smile:

good idea bout the vocal :slight_smile:

as for the mix part i always recieve critism on certain frequencies being to overpowering. ie. 400 domain or 1k ect. then the next 2weeks after il make adjustments that eventually kill the track and i end up going backwards. can be real frustrating :w00t:.

you dont get that sort of trouble? 

i never get bogged down in freq or stuff like that. i concentrate souly on groove.

Groove and breaks are where it’s at!!!

Chris agnelli put it the best in one of trance tuts. he said he’s heard the best mastered tracks, everything in the right freq and mixed perfectly but lacked groove. and he said he’s has heard not so good mixed tracks that had groove and it those are the ones that stood out.

makes sense to me.

practice on making your track stand out in groove and purpose not some much where is everything sitting.

do that last in my opinion because by then you’ll know how you will want all your parts to sit in the track.

hope this helps! these are just my opinions there are of course a lot ways to mix.

hope this helps!!:slight_smile:

nice way to put it, makes sense