Feedback when sending/recording to a audio track?

i’m trying to send two midi drum tracks through a audio track so i can add compression (i’m doing the mark knight tutorial) all the inputs/outputs are set correctly but as soon as i set the monitor to on in the audio track all i get is terrible feedback i have also had the same prob when trying to record to a audio track before i’m a complete novice lol so dont have a clue what to do …

thanks in advance!

Can you give a bit more insight into the way youve set things up and your soundcard, daw etc please mate?

Check your input to your audio track that your sending the drums. It sounds to me like you’re sending the right stuff, but the input is wrong on your audio track. If I had to guess, I would say that your audio track input is still set to your microphone on your computer. Thus when you turn on the monitor it creates a loop between your monitors and your microphone creating the feedback. Check your input on your audio track again. If your sending it drums, the input should say “impulse” or whatever drum machine your using for your drums. If the input just says Audio In, it’s probably still looking for your mic as an input. Also, when recording live audio,(but not for sending midi to an audio track) you’re going to want to isolate whatever sound your recording from your monitor setup. This will cause feedback too… A good solution when recording live audio is to just turn your monitors all the way down until its recorded, then turn them back up to listen to the playback.


thanks for your advice i just tried again and it works fine now for some reason i know what your saying about recording audio the first time i tried i put the mic down next tothe speaker to press stop and nearly popped my ear drums :exclamation: