Feeling Bigger

Hey guys

Here’s my new one. Any comments you have I’d appreciate.

I’m pretty happy with the overall arrangement and mix but feel free to comment on that. I’d particularly like ot know how it sounds on different systems than my own - is the bass right? is it too light? is anything popping too much, etc


Block.Punch - Feeling Bigger - unreleased by Block.Punch

Everything sounds good on my system!

I love the track! It’s my favourite of yours so far! Love the direction into more deep groovy dark house! You got a fan over here! :wink:

Can’t leave a comment on the track - so post here

Really subtle sounds - really enjoyed:)

yeah i liked this too grooved along nicely :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for listening and commenting.

Hey Gav, well I guess my production skills are improving with each track as are all of us. It’s the other stuff - finding the right groove, building and releasing the tension at the right times that’s much much harder I think.

This track took a lot longer than normal. Mainly 'cos I sat on it and left it alone for while. Let my ears ‘forget’ how it ran, then came back and tweaked loads of stuff in the automation plus chopped a good minute off it. A lot off the front end as the build to the first drop was taking too long.

Anyway, glad you all like it and it’s playing well on your systems.

Its got a great groove Jon.

Sounds cool Mate.

Really like that bouncy hi delayed thing that comes in about 1/2 way. Everything compliments everything. Listened on H’phones the other day… but all the different changes etc… sound ace on the monitors.


Now if I could clear the smell of dog farts from my office I’d be really happy! :w00t:

They do let rip sometimes… and no, it wasn’t me. Not this time anyway.


Yeah I’m all class.

Anyone else had a chance to listen?