Felkon - Fusion (Block.Punch Remix)

Here you guys, a remix I’ve worked on. Hope you enjoy

groovy and subtle enjoyed :slight_smile:

Very nice production and also a very chilled out track.

I just lost myself in the mix as I surfed the internet.

Thanks guys. That track was about four different things before it finally settled into being what it is.

Drewls… Pretty much the only descriptive word I seem to be using when listening to your tracks these days… Absolutely loved the sonar’ish pluck sound, and track just flowed nicely the whole way through. Beautiful work as usual!

Honestly, alongside two other people on these forums you are one of the few I can see hitting a top ten banger on Beatport.

Whats happening with Geiger BTW? Kinda surprised I havent heard about its released yet, that thing should be let loose in the wild already.

Thanks mate. Top 10 on Beatport? That would be so so nice. One day maybe.

As for Geiger, well, I’ve sent it off to some major labels and am waiting to hear back. As usual I expect they won’t even bother listening to it. I don’t know if you know of Noir but he was kind enough to give it a spin. Which I really do appreciate. However, no comment or contact back so I guess not for him.

It’ll be released I’m sure. Though I’m hoping for the backing of a larger label. Aim high, eh?

Tweaked the track a little. Added an extra 8 bars in the middle section. I played it a lot over the past few days and that middle seemed a little rushed. This pads it out nicely.

Still in 2 minds about whether it needs more of a riser heading to the second breakdown. Will sit on it for now.

Nice change. Bout the riser I think I would personally leave it alone, the quick noise sweep is more than enough IMO.

Nice to see how you think about your tracks though, I never think like that in terms of “maybe this needs that or this”. Only things I think about really are; has the perc stayed the same too long, is the bassline weak, is the melody weak, what fx should I put here/should I put fx here, etc. etc.

Need to develop that mind set you have!

ha well I do think about those things too. However, I do try to lock them down as much as possible before getting to the arrange stage. Though some of them of course can only really be done when arranging, like the FX.

The bigger picture stuff, well that’s just a case of getting it into iTunes and playing it out as much as possible in much the same way as I do when I get a new track from a favourite artist. On different devices, with full attention, partial attention, in the background and so on. Then, sometimes things just stand out when you do that.

Pretty nice production, nailed it with that tone. Very gentle and smooth. Sounds classy like a real gentleman haha.