FIFA 11 hastakin over my life

I think I have a serious problem, I bought FIFA 11 a couple of weeks ago and developed one serious playstation addiction.

Rite now my girlfriend hides my joypads, my mother is planning an intervention, my dog won’t speak to me and my MacBook has run away with a cheap tart “dell”.

My life is ruined.

Btw… Anyone fancy a game.

i like it but to be fair F1 2010 is my poison right now.

oh and i don’t really want to play anyone at it as my boy (even with his broken arm) still manages to beat me.

Haha is he giving you a beat down jon, i must check the formula 1 game out actually. I would quite enjoy smashing Lewis Hamilton into a wall at 200 miles an hour.

its a great game.

he’s always bring the smack down on me lol, which reminds me the new smack down vs raw is out now… not gonna tell him about that one for a while maybe i’ll get away with out taking a beatin for a few months on this one lol