Filtering Drums

Hey, I know I saw a video on here that showed how to filter your drums for a bridge section, bringing them down and then back up with a filter. I cannot find this video to save my life. Please help!

It was in Ableton by the way. Which is what I’m using, conveniently.

I think this is what your after … :)

what tut is that from? I like some of the fx’s going on

here you go man…

This seems to translate pretty well. I use drum rack, so, what, would you just throw an autofilter on a return track, send all the drums thru it, then use power on automation and filter riser automation? (wasn’t the exact vid i was looking for) (I do appreciate it though)

i use seperate units for drums (preference )and just write in some automation and duplicate the device to whatever sounds i want filtered out or in :slight_smile:

using an autofilter and modulating the frequency cutoff on a low pass? or what? that’s sorta what i’ve been trying, based on that vid you pointed me to, and it’s not affecting the drums nearly as much as i’d hoped. Can hardly hear the difference. Maybe its just the drum samples I’m using?

in arrangement view whack a filter on your drums track then press the little tab on the filter (freq)youll see the pink line for the auto filter frequency you can draw in auotmation from there up or down etc … hope this helps:)