Final Project for a Sound Design Course

I’ve spent the last 3 months doing a sound design course learning Kontakt & Reaktor inside out which was no mean feet. Worth it in the end though as they are great programs and the sounds i’m making are now much more polished. I even managed to build my own analogue synth which is used heavily in this track i made for my final project.

If anyone has Reaktor and would like a free copy of my Synth Ensemble give me a shout

cool track bro, dont use reactor myself, kinda scares me, but loved the sounds and especially the bassline, could maybe be brought out a little with a nice eq

I don’t want to be an asshole ,

but everything there is basic… I mean you would’ve done 1 million times better without the sound design course from what I hear.

I found a lot of sound synthesis tuts and books for free and I can say you’ve just wasted money.

The synths are weak.

Not to sound like a **** to you bogdi since I know your intentions are good but you need to word your feedback better. Saying a whole sound design course was wasted is just a bit mean, on the other hand mentioning that you thought the sound design could have been better in specific ways like maybe this needs to be thicker, the texture needs more layers, etc. etc. would be considered constructive and just nicer in general.

More so in regards to your comment about synthesis he did say this course was based on Reaktor and Kontakt, kontakt aint really a synthesis item (well technically its sample based synthesis but it doesnt follow the norm of synthesis theory) and reaktor is just plain different.

In regards to this track, I quite liked it. I enjoyed the minimalism in it in that it wasnt over filled, each sound had its place carefully considered and it shows.

The mixdown is fantastic, everything can be heard very clearly.

Reaktor is maybe the most potent bit of electronic music software . I can’t understand what he learnt there because I have my own instrument after 1 month of learning and it can offers a way more crispier , textured , powerful sounds that can be fitted very easy in the mix. Probably you can redo most of those synths better in another vst.

No , i didn’t say anything about the mixdown , the mixdown is brilliant . I’m tired of everyone saying " oh cool track " , "great work " without any criticism. My specialty is synthesis and I just said that the sounds are weak.

Synthesis must be refurbished.

I will always complain on all the tracks and I expect that back when I launch my own. Until I hear something brilliant in all categories (composition/arrangement/synthesis /mixing /mastering) I can only say the brutal truth.

start from here


go here and buy these 2 books


then if anything is unclear check out


and you can learn in a month everything you need to know about synthesis.

I didnt say you said anything about the mixdown :hehe: That second paragraph was just my opinions on the track itself not what you said :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I definately agree that criticism is very necessary. Its just that I feel it has to be said in a specific more friendly way. To straight up say a 3 month course sucks is just a bit mean IMO, soz if I am offending you bogdi, but in that same sense I am sure Mozzatron would feel somewhat depressed (not talking full on depression ofcourse) should someone pretty much say that they have wasted there money.

With all this in mind, hopefully Mozzatron wont get that vibe that I do (maybe I am just being childish here) and takes on the criticism you are giving him and uses it to progress.

First up, i do appreciate constructive criticism. It shows that you actually listened to the track and payed attention to it so thanks for that.

Although i don’t really think you can say the course was a waste of money seeing as you know nothing about me. I know for a fact that i’ve learned **** loads from doing the course, just as i did from doing the tutorials on SA. I am not trying to say that i’m a master of Kontakt/Reaktor now, but i know how to use them which i didn’t before. Had Komplete for nearly a year and never got stuck in because it all seemed a bit too daunting, but everything is understood now.

This track was started and finished in 1 day which is wicked seeing as it used to take me ages to get something done, so that in itself is worth the money as my productivity has been massively increased.

On another note, i only handed this track in for my final project the other day and i haven’t yet had it reviewed. So i’m sure there will be plenty of constructive feedback from my tutor which will allow me to learn more, so it was definitely not a waste of money.

Everyone is different though, if you have the time and patience to search the internet i’m sure you could learn alot for free.

Anyway, moving back to the comments regarding the synthesis…i agree on the bassline, probably needs modulating slightly to give it a little movement, and i was thinking of doing something with the main hook to open it up a little bit.

Could you elaborate slightly on your comments regarding the weakness of the synthesis? I’m interested to hear how you would bring them alive.


Don’t think this is such a weak track. The vocals used and what you did with them are great! The width you have in the track is good too.

The only weak thing for me is the percussion and beat as a whole. Bit static. Drop at 3:50 could use some more attention as well, but in the light of you finishing this in just one day… Well gotta hand it to ya, that’s quite impressive!

Thanks for the feedback mate it’s much appreciated. I agree about the lack of change with the beats / perc and this is something i will be going back to. Unfortunately due to work commitments i was left with no time to complete my final project so it was all a bit rushed.

I’ll be sure sure to post back with any changes i make to see what you think.

Well - I like it. You’ve got a nice bottom end throughout that fills out the overall mix nicely without being too overbearing, and introduce some nice elements quite subtly throughout (like the looping synth around 1.40 which always sounds like its catching up with the rest of the mix - lovely effect). I think with a little work you’ve got a solid track here. Try a few more transitions to build tension at some of the changeovers.

Really enjoyed it - thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot mate, glad you liked it and i appreciate the feedback. That’s something i’m struggling with at the minute, i’ve been working on it constantly for the last day or so and because i’ve listened to it over and over i’m struggling to work out whether it sounds repetitive or not…what do you think?

I’m just working on a couple of changes now and trying introduce a new element after the main break to add something to the track and give it a little variation. I’ll post back when it’s done to see what you think!