Finalize DjMix to get good Volume like a Radio Mix?

Hey mates !

have a question … What do u use if u have recorded a dj mix to get it as loud as a prof. radio mix ?

I mean i am not a beginner - i have been recording since 9 years now … but it would be cool to get some info on this topic as u guys do it to get it as loud and phat like an essential mix on bbc1 for example …

i always try to not clip the master output and leave some headroom to normalize … sometimes try to put an Limiter on the master to get some DB`s … but i think it really destroyes the signal if u drive the limiter too hot because the songs are allready mastered/compressed to the max. …

any tipps on that “loudness war” without destroying quality (perhaps enhancing ! ) would be really welcome …

thanks in advance and a nice week !


when im doing a mix, i would stick a limiter on the output and maybe a little bit of stereo widening.

not a whole lot tho.

you should check out the Izotope Ozone mastering plugins. and trying flicking through some of those presets. they usually do the job pretty quickly.

the sound you’re hearing on radio one essential selection though isn’t down to the fx done on the mix, but rather the compression and EQ at BBC Radio 1.

you’ll notice most radio stations have their own unique ‘sound’

this is just down to the processing at their end. heavy limiting usually