Finding the note of a kick drum

Hi there,

I’m just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to find the note of a kick drum. I have had a lot of producers tell me it is essential to have your kick played in the same key as your bass, but I find it tough to pin which note my kick is in.


Solo it, stick a spectrum analyser on the track and watch for the main peak. Voxengo Span is a great analyser as you freeze the display and mouse it to check frequencies and pitch.

There’ll be lots of transients in the display probably but look for the main hump.

That’s what I do anyway. More knowledgeable peeps might have better advice.

Span is free btw. Here:

[url]Free Spectrum Analyzer Plugin, FFT, Real-Time [VST, AU, AAX] - SPAN - Voxengo

Span is what all the cool people use! :wink: :hehe: :cool:

Anyone know of some good online note to frequency charts?

This is one that I use & have stuck to my desk (Yes, with $punk before anyone asks…).

Just a warning - I’ve seen some online that have the wrong Freq’s listed in places. Best to double check a few if you are looking around. I think this one is AOK.

Yep - As Jonsloan said. Solo it then stick it under a Freq analyzer. The main bottom peak will be the Fundamental frequency (the one to check against the chart). All the other peaks going up the Freq spectrum will be its harmonics.

Thanks a tonne everyone!!! :slight_smile: