*FINISHED* Uplifting Trance

original WIP

Finished Track!

So this is part of the uplifting trance track that I have been working on following the Bjorn Akesson Tutorial. Really digging it.

Im only about half way through the tutorial and the track. Arrangement isnt nearly finished. I think just about everything in the mix is totally dry yet. But the Bass, Lead, Drums, and Pads design are pretty much there :sunglasses:

What do you guys think?
Id love to hear some feedback

Sounding good so far well done :slight_smile: obviously needs effects and things! Something sounds out of key thou when it kicks back in maybe in the melody? I’m only on my crappy headphones at the minute thou! I really like the grittiness of the bass.

Hey thanks! Do you remember what part you heard the key issue? Ive been chasing around some tuning phantoms and haven’t been able to track it down.

I’ve just listened again it’s about 2:10 In to the track the sub bass sounds a bit off! But that’s just my opinion I mean I don’t really know what I’m talking about lol! What daw do you use? Just curious :slight_smile:

Great Thanks. I think I know whats causing the discord. I made some note changes last minute in the bass to resolve some strange sounds, where you pointed out is exactly where I made the change, but I may have introduced some new strangeness as a result. Maybe Ill post a couple examples to compare the difference.

Also, yeah, I am using Bitwig Studio for my tracks. It seems to work really well. I can do 90% of what i want to easily and the other 10% I don’t worry about because Im still learning and Bitwig is still growing haha. There’s a few bugs here and there too, but nothing showstopping yet for me! :grin:

how about you?

It’s very easy to miss things ha! Are you using all the samples from the course? Bit wig looks cool I use ableton 9 I’ve heard there very similar!

I figured out it was the bassline that was clashing. I changed the bassline to move up to a C# when the main chords move down to a G# because I felt like too much was collectively moving downward at the end of the main theme, I liked the lift it gave the bass parts, but it just clashes too much with the main theme, so back it goes!

Im not using any of the samples from the course. I layered up my percussion to get the best of stuff I like taking queues from the feel of the what he used and then have made the sweeps and others bits of FX as needed. Its taking extra time, but Im learning a ton!

Yeah, Ableton 9 looks really similar to Bitwig! I heard that some of the guys who were coding ableton way in the beginning quit to start Bitwig Studio a few years later. pretty cool!

Ive been messing around with extra melodies to layer in, but nothing yet. Ill be hopping back into this track full swing probably tomorrow :grin: I need to finish it this week before I leave traveling for a few weeks!

Sounds good… just slap a ton of reverb on there and you are golden! :wink:

lol thanks phil. Ill be sure to wash it up right! :wink:

Okay! After another few days I finished my track! really dig it. This was a super fun tutorial. Bjorn was a great teacher. This tutorial really pulled together a lot of stuff Ive learned a bit out of context from some of the others. Thanks guys!