FireFox 3 Watching video Tutorials no control bar, cant rewind?

Hi all,

im new to the site i found this site via youtube and signed up straight away for the Trance Tutorials and Music Production Videos.

But when i watch most of the videos online i cant see a control bar in my Firefox browser so i cant rewind the video back when i miss something?

PS Apologies of this has been asked before.

Any idea why.

Using latest;



Vista 64

hey mate

i have the exact same problem before and have mentioned it a few times on ehre with no response :frowning:

if you expand your window, the very bottom left on the black bar is volume, and if i recall the line that goes down the side of the video window is pause\play! this is really frustrating as a timeline is essential to replay certain parts!!

here’s a potential fix

doesn’t work for me, but i haven’t rebooted yet so it may after. have also read that Unfortunately, QuickTime isn’t supported on any 64-bit Windows operating system (not just Vista) at the moment.

see how you get on with it

Just to let you know it works for me after a restart of firefox :slight_smile:

did this fix help you out irish?

have you tried making the window bigger drag the cussor on the conner of the window and make it bigger.