First big room track any advice?

advice for the following tracks

would like to hear it

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Aroused - Dream to Remember (original clubmix) by Aroused Records

Why would you like to have advice on a track which is scheduled for release the 22nd?

Besides that, you should post this Tunes - Mixes - Podcasts

I really really like the riff its top notch.

The arranging, builds and drops are also good… although you could milk them a bit more.

there is some weird atmosphere at the start im not digging… sounds like scratchy vinyl maybe from the vocal sample.

The vocal is done to death heard it a million times and will put a huge amount of DJs off from playing it.

If it where me id be looking to get some Nice girl or some modern urban male vocals in there… there are tons of vocal sample CDs or vocal downloads.

There is also too much sidechain on the main riffs… i would keep it on for the background strings but ease off on the main stabs etc.

The piano thing is really nice but needs more finesse… maybe filter it a bit just sounds too up front… maybe just adjust the envelope to make it tighter and a bit softer.

Yea u need to axe the vocal and you need to think about what sort of label would even release something with this vocal on it. We were using this vocal sample 5 years ago when we did some happy hardcore.

Also it seems to go into the main riff section but with all filters open etc very quickly, it sounds like your listening to one track and then someone has just slammed the crossfader over and its another track.

It is a nice riff tho.

I dont really have a problem with bringing the main riff in early as long as the drops are right and you have a progression through the track.

Yeah i just found it very sudden. Mabey a little break just before would help?

100 percent drop the vocal the track would be better without a vocal if you cant find a different one I personally think its kind of overpowering the track