First collab ever

So…my first collab with my best friend happen 6 hour ago…Here’s a preview of what’s comming out soon. Any feedback is more than welcome. Enjoy!br
Cheers ;)br

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Hey, just listened to your track! I’ll be honest, I normally don’t listen to “Minimal” genres, but this one was pretty good and it kept my attention for the entire track. The only thing I would recommend is at about 44 seconds into the track, the reverse cymbal ends slightly short of where the vocal comes in instead of right at that point. But that’s probably just personal taste. Great job!

I think it’s great! Short, but I guess that’s just because it’s a preview…and for my taste the bass/beat could be heavier (I’m a big Underground Techno fan - Drumcode style!), but it sounds technically sophisticated and surely promises great stuff in the
I’m just finding my way in and have put up my first experiments - ambient-y, house-y - I don’t know what to call it - but I am waaay behind you in producing something for the dancefloor -
Good luck!br

By the way, if you do happen to find the time to listen to my stuff, please listen to ‘Sprung!’ first, a bouncy, tech house-y kind of thing, written after listening to some Metodi Hristov and Claude Von Stroke
Got no idea how you manage to embed Soundcloud in your post - would be grateful if you could tell me how you do it!br