First Dutch House Track. Need Feedback

Hi everyone! this is my first post :stuck_out_tongue: I will apreciate if anoyone can help me with my first dutch house track. Mainly with the mastering. I am quite happy with the song but i would like to get more opinions. Please help meeeee!

Sounds like its really over compressed.

You want to really squichs the percussion, hats etc. on a group then you dont need that much on the master… you want the kick to be pretty clean sounding right throughout the track.

the Riff that comes in after the break is way to loud and really pushing everything to distortion.

id like to hear it without any mastering as i suspect most of your issues are in the Mix.

Thank you for your answer Phil. It was what i suspect but i didn’t know how to make the kick sound more clean and as u had said is over compressed. Im going to remake the mix before the mastering. Thanks again :wink: