First ever tech house choon!

Hey all,

Over February I started to listen to a bit of tech house my friend showed me. I love the drops… So subtle yet powerful.

Anyway, here’s my try, tell me what you think:

Harvard by Flaxo

christ that’s good!

I’ve been listening to Moguai’s recent DJ set and I zoned out for a minute and thought your piece was part of his set. Seriously.

Looking forward to hearing how this ends up.

this was really good man! i love me some tech house!

Hah thanks guys!

I had more fun making this than I’ve had in a long time… Something about a groove, even more than a cool bass sound, that really makes you grin.

nice man, just a tip something i thought would of been cool, is like every 4/8 bars … whatever sounds good. like stutter/ beat repeat the vox

Sick tune :smiley: only thing that bugs me its that squeaky synth i dont know why (the one that starts at :40s) idk to me it felt like it didnt belong but thats just me TUNE though