First evert mix iv recorded live would like feedback please

recorded on numark ndx 800 and a numark x6 mixer

im quite new to dj ing and still trying to learn

this is a mix i recorded this morning looking for feed back as no one has ever heard me dj really and would like to know how im progressing

first recorded mix by 4dee

Not my cup of tea at all to be honest but I listened to about half way and it’s very good for a first attempt.

Some of the beat matching is slightly out and the transition seem abrupt. It seems like you’re trying to get as many mixes into as short a time span as possible which is not my preference because the groove changes every couple of minutes.

Very well done tho. I’m sure you would do fine playing in a bar type situation but may possibly need to focus on making the transitions very good (exciting or suspenseful) or choosing more cohesive set of tracks for people that want serious dancing.

Then again take all of that with a pinch of salt because I am definitely not your demographic (or a DJ) :slight_smile:

Yeah not really my cup of tea either, but I think Sam hit a key point there, your tracks dont flow into each other too well not cause of your mixing skills but cause the tracks dont mesh all too well, the changes are too significant and the groove keeps swapping for it to be enjoyable no offence.

thanx for the feed back

i just picked random tracks off some cds i had as it was just the first time id recorded me mixing and just wanted some feed back on how i was progressing

thanx again tho for your feedback :slight_smile: