First Look on this trancy progressive house track

Hey guys,

we are currently producing on our new track “Portia (Imagination)” and wanted to share a first look with you. We know, there is till much to do. The bassline we created at first according to the new glitch-step tutorial. But somehow the track got veery progressive at last :smiley:

Yeah, and one question: 2 bars before the drive we sampled a vocal part from Builder - “Her Voice”. Does anybody know if that is legal?

FIRST LOOK Garlic & Pine - Portia (Imagination) by garlic\pine

interesting track, tho some how the patches youve used just dont do it for me, is that just me i dunno, and it all sounds a bit too loud or something, it doesnt have to break the speaker cones. i’d try and make it a bit softer and make the drums a bit more interesting and progressive and have the synts evolve a bit, to me it just sounds like a monster but maybe thats what you were going for, i think ultimatle there isnt enoung attention to detail in this one, youve caught me after a night out on the beers usually i wouldnt comment on a track like this, not because im a snob but becuase it simply didnt do much for me, i’m guessing you guys are just starting out and have been bitten by the bug so try and learn from the tracks you like bit, try stealing arrangements and and getting more interesting less hornlike sounding things going on in the mix

if i sound like a **** someone correct me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey mate

nice work, i thought it was a good track with a solid arrangement.

I enjoyed the stereo width that this track seems to have but i think that parts of the mix-down need some work, especially the levels. The main riff that comes in at around 1:05 is a bit loud and seems to take over the tune a bit much.

Perhaps also the horn type sound that comes in at 0:35 could do with some more top end EQ.

i liked the glitchy bits that are going on all over the track. Perhaps some well crafted sound FX here and there could also add dimension to it.

overall the track needs a bit more air so perhaps a broad band EQ to just lift the 10Khz+ range. I think the drums might also benefit from a bit of parallel compression

looking forward to future work!

Hey guys,

@ekko: yeah, you guessed right, we’re just startet producing and still have to learn so much things. thanks for some of your advises.

@dorond: Thanks for your very useful tips, got some good ideas on these, especially I never heard of parallel compression and now: watched a SA Tut :wink:

As said before, this is a “first look” on the track and I know there is still sooooo much to do, to make it better.

Sooo, it is not longer a First Look topic, cause we got really far with our track now. But we are still curious what you think about it.

Maybe we got a little too much distortion here and there. Would be nice, if you can write down your impression on this.

Garlic & Pine - Portia (Imagination) by garlic\pine

sounds alot more interesting now guys, well done :slight_smile: