First original track finished - oh, and I hate soundcloud :(

Shifted Soul (original mix) by Kieran Mach

Clicks, pops and general weirdness happening with my bass on soundcloud :frowning: Its fine on every other system and no artifects in the uploaded mix. I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to fix a version that will translate on soundcloud (reprogramming, remastering, re-EQing, different compression, uploading different formats etc etc) and I give up now so I’m just gonna let other people hear it and see what they think.

I can only conclude that there is something in my bass frequency that soundcloud doesn’t like. I’ve never noticed issues with anyones elses tracks via soundcloud. If anyone has any thoughts on this please share.

Hi mate. I know what you mean. Happens to an odd one of mine at times. I assumed it was my internet connection, as it is very unpredictable. Possibly you could try a lower mp3 kbps, or maybe reduce the level of volume.

Hope you get sorted soon mate.

Mate really loving that track, I left you some comments on the cloud. Can’t really fault the track, everything is nice and clear and holds together.

Cheers Danny!  Although I’m still convinced that the bass sounds ‘crackly’ via soundcloud!

I read somewhere that soundcloud doesn’t like Firefox uploads - not sure if this could cause such a problem but as a last attempt at a fix I’m gonna try uploading via IE later.

i upload to soundcloud from firefox and its always ok - i havent noticed a problem

but as far as i know their widgets automatically convert to 128k mp3

i upload 320k mp3s

what are you uploading?

nice track by the way!

and im not gettin and clicks etc

Thanks for listening chekka.  I’ve uploaded wav, 320 and 128 and I can still hear the pops/crackles!  Not a big deal if other folks can’t hear them though :slight_smile:

really cool, all sounds grear and together:D!!

what software u use?!

[quote]DJ_Labs (17/06/2010)[hr]really cool, all sounds grear and together:D!!

what software u use?![/quote]

Thanks very much man and welcome to the forum :) 

I’m using Ableton. Nexus for the lead. Free VSTi (can’t remember the name of it!) for the pads on breakdown.  Everything else is sample based.  Effects wise I just use the native Ableton plugins.