First Post Here i hope u like my stuff ;)

HI all, i’m a new user here, just registered , love the site and stuff.

I have some released tracks digitaly and i prefer sounding - Techno/House/Electro/Minimal/Tech-House/Progressive but it’s very diffrent, one day i can go and make an electro track the other one a minimal one, so i like to mix things alot.

Generaly i don’t think i’m that good at music creating and obviously that’s one of the reasons why I’m hear - to learn more about creating electronic music:).But i do also have some stash behind me.(3 years working with FL Studio, so i guess i’m not a noob eighter , i think so :D).Anyways, hope u appriciate my work, you can hear it here - where i have stored some of my finished work and the main things i do and currentley im doing a new techno-minimal track that i’m going soon to post on my myspace too, so i hope u like the tunes and comment on them.

Your music is not my style, but damn when I heard the first song, I was like oh **** this dude is good, real good. You have some really good ideas. I’m surprised no ones posted comments. Keep up the good work.

Like that 1st track Linky… Like the choppy style going on in it. Really interesting Mate.

Can I ask where the dialog samples are from? I think I’ve heard them before… Is it PS2 games? Halflife or Area 51? :smiley:

Please put me out of my misery! :hehe:

Wow, guys, tnx for the good comments!!!I didn’t expect them , really!

Yes the samples are from Half-Life , i have forgot to mention that … :w00t:

My bad…

Anyway’s i have uploaded 1 new track and 1 new remix, you can hear them, they are the frist 2 in the player :stuck_out_tongue: