First REAL Tune - Feedback Is Greatly Appreciated :)

This is the first real track that I’ve produced after about 4 months of teaching myself to produce. It was made in FL Studio before I switched over to Ableton and found this awesome site.

Would really love some feedback on it as I will be remaking it once I pick up some new tricks from SA.

Song is in my Signature :slight_smile:

Sounds like it’s finished indeed. The only thing I didn’t really enjoy is the overloudy kick which sounds a bit too distorted for me. But that might just be a matter of taste.

You kept the track interesting with enough variation.

Thanks a ton for the feedback, the kick may not be a personal thing…when I made this song I didn’t know too much about mixing so it’s definitely possibly that some elements are out of balance.

I’m working on my second song right now, trying to go for a different style, somehting more exciting and heavy hitting. I’m thinking some glitch step with fidget house and electro melodies if that makes sense, but we’ll see how it comes out.

I’m using the tutorials for each of those three genres but it’s a bit difficult to follow since I don’t have sylenth