First Record Deal!...need help! :)

Dear all

I call up on all signed and knowledgeable artist/producers who have signed there first deal.

i have produced a trance track that has finally court the attention of a vocalist who is signed to one of the biggest trance labels out there. The vocalist wants to use my track on their up and coming solo album with their vocals over the top. (obviously I’m ecstatic and very excited. This artists and label combined is the equivalent of buying a Ferrari for your first car and Beyonce sat in the passenger seat!

As this is to be my first single released what I want to know is where I stand in regards to royalties and what I need to do from here. The Vocalist is writing the lyrics to my track now and should be released at the end of summer. I have suggested a skype call to iron things out but it yet has to take place… also I don’t want to sounds like a novice who made the track using only a laptop, ableton and various plug-ins sat in my kitchen… (which is what i did) :slight_smile:

So far i have looked at entertainment lawyers however the cast a packet and i don’t have the cash ready to do this>>>>>

Any Help, Tips or recommendations will be greatly appreciated! thank you guys… a link to my track is below if you are interested in hearing it…