First record signed

Alright Lads,br
Looks like I may have signed my first track to a decent young
They tick all the right boxes, few select artist, nice tracks, seem to promote their artists
I have a few questions so I dont seem like a complete noob when progressing with the communications here. So can any who has sign a track let me know:br

  1. When sending the track stems is there an industry standard everyone is expected to know stick too?br
  2. Should I send midi stems too?br
  3. Will they line up remixers or am I expected to find a few peeps to remix?br
  4. Any standard dodgy things the might appear on contacts sent to newbies that I should look out for?br
    Feel free to add any other advise you think I should be aware
    And thanks in advance

with Stems… just really try to pick out the best elements and make sure they all line up are easy to loop etc. br
having to trudge through 50 tracks is a bad
yeah give the midi… again make sure they are nicely trimmed and
Labels will try to take your publishing as well… don’t do it… its none of their business and a conflict of
sure when you get the contract. let us know if there is anything you are unsure

Cheers for the info
What do you mean by they will try and take your publishing?

Think Phil is talking about the licensing of the track. Right?br
At least, what I’ve seen so far, is that most want the complete rights to publish your tracks to their likings. br
Let’s say you become a very well known artist, they might release your old material every time you make a release on a big label. Just to make profit from the big labels promotion campagn and your

What about the remixes part of the question that he asked in his post, as i would like to know the answer to this as well?br
If a label wants to release your track with a few remixes included from various artists - will the label always have first say in who they get to remix it, or does the producer ultimately get to decide?

Hi David, br
Depends on the label, some will decide which remixers they want, some will consult you and some will ask you if you know anyone. If there has been an advance, the label tends to select the remix on the bases they set the budget and get people who they think might generate interest / sales. If there has been no advance, it is usually asking producers for a swap remix. br

Anyone know what kind of fees top producers are getting for remixes these days?br
I heard a big name producer say the other day, that he sometimes only does remixes because the money is so good, even when sometimes he doesn’t really want to do
This got me thinking, maybe you can still get maybe £5k for something for doing a remix of a big track?br
What kind of money do you think people are getting right now?

Think remix fees vary wildly. All depends on the sales the remixer tends to
You really need to be a big time producer/dj to earn 5000 per remix.

Looks like the label want the other artist signed to it to do the remixes :-Dbr
They also want more stuff from me asap :slight_smile:

What has the communication from the label been like mate?br
The reason i ask, is that i got some advice saying that typically a decent label will make the effort to speak in a little detail with you, perhaps speak on the phone or in person etc, basically work with you to try and make everything as much of a success as possible!br
How have you found them in this
I am interested to hear other peoples experiences, as i’m just trying to get a couple of my tracks signed right now!

Short and sweet emails to be
The guy is German and communication has been a couple of email with a few
Mainly he contacted me to say he liked the track i sent and my
I thanked him for his
He emailed back saying that he would like me to send over some more stuff and he would like some of the artists signed to his label to remix for me then put an EP pack
I had nothing ready and told him I would send the 2 wip tracks I have as soon as they are
He replied he is looking forward to hearing my new stuff.