First song, would love some feedback

Hey, so I’ve only been producing for around 2 months or so, this might not be perfect, but it’s the first song I’ve really finished and polished up a bit so I’d be really grateful for some feedback or advice. Oh and it’s unmastered (as you can probably tell haha)

House Song by sharkswithlazers

Thanks :slight_smile:

Very cool song! It sounds really full and loud (that’s a compliment).

I would maybe change up the chord progression or add a high synth part to break the repetition a little.

Also, this might just be personal preference, but I would make the first drop (around 1:00) a little bigger and bassier, maybe with a white noise splash over the top.

Thanks Flaxo :smiley: yeah I think you’re right, it could definitely use another riff or something to move the buildup along, and I’ll work on the drop as well. Oh and thanks for your tips in your thread, I’m also finding nzmusic’s videos very helpful.

Cheers :wink:

i like it, nice build up to keep on doin what ur doin mate :slight_smile:

DeF-cOn-oNe by adebear

Thanks man :slight_smile: glad you like it!

It takes a while to drop it could do that earlier.

The riff is very catchy i like that but im not sure on the bass id go for a more square bass thats short and stabby … helps give a groove to the tune more