First Track. Critiques appreciated

Alright guys…my first track here. Check it out and give me some constructive criticism. Not sure what genre to call this.

Disclaimer ='s I have no musical background, last formal musical training I had was in elementary. Decided 6 months ago at age 29 that I wanna learn to make music.

That being said I learned alot from doing this track and am eager to move on to the next track.

Fire away.

Thought for sure I could get some tips/advice/criticism from you guys.

Sorry stylz, for l8 goes good and bad .

First the arrangement is really nice so you got that side nailed ,the low end seems to be buried your bass is clouding your kick try rolling off your Kick at around 70hz ,and sepereate high bass parts from low parts… its real probs are really the mix (levels).

Transition from builds to main parts is really  well done and i  think your right it is techno/e-house (i like)… for someone with no background or training im really impressed by your effort… your on the right path dude well done m8:)

sorry too for the late reply been busy else where :slight_smile: agree with what has already been said and also add

The open hats is to loud in the mix, you want it to add to the groove not dominate it. seems to be cloudy at the bottom end. over all the arrangement is really good and very catchy.

really like this track builds and drops is all the right places. would love to hear it with the bass made really gritty and dirty with some kinda distortion or over drive as i think it would suit the track very much

for a first track this is beyond good

Sweet. Thanks for listening and feedback. Appreciate it.

Dude, nice track! I’m on soundcloud too and I am now following you. I like the bouncy rhythms you got going on and the vocals speak to me (no pun intended!).

Anyway, great job and let’s be friends:)

i’d be very proud of that mate:D

Great track dude!

If you were to try to make the bassline gritty, all you would have to do is trim down on the the sub with a filter and some EQ and then layer a some squares on top of it with some filtering and EQ ing to glue it to your sub.

Good song. Just a little leveling and I think its club worthy