First Track Ever

Been driving myself nuts trying to make every little thing perfect with all my tracks, I decided I really should just whip something together and just roll with it.

Free download for my SA homiez: “Portal” - [url]My Files

Squashed mp3 version at [url][/url]

What gear did you use? ther’ lotz a inflences there…

[quote]max royale (7/5/2009)[hr]What gear did you use? ther’ lotz a inflences there…[/quote]

Abelton 8 - All drums are from the drum rack, both synths are operator, and the bass is just a single sine wave coming from sylenth.

thanks for the reply on mine, yours is good but not my sort of music i like fat bass an summet that will get you movin this to me is a bit chill out could do with so diffrent breakdowns and a break from the kick but overall very good for your first attempt:D

Thanks for the honest input, and I agree with you about the breakdowns.