First Track - Looking for some help/feedback Guys!

Hoping you all can help!!  I’m pretty new to this game and have just finisihed a mix down of one of my first tracks.  It’s meant to be tech house although I’m not sure how well it fits into that category(!!).  Anyway, it would be great to get some feedback on track content and arrangement.

Also, I was hoping to use a vocal sample through the track but wasn’t sure where to get hold of royalty free samples!?  Any ideas would be much appreciated!!

Any help offered much appreciated!!

hey scott - not sure many people will be willing to d/l it to listen. have you tried putting it on soundcloud? the lowest level accounts on there are free and it’s a great way to share and get feedback on your stuff.

Cheers man, will sort it out now… :slight_smile:

Absolute novice here.  How would I go about embedding the file on the forum?

on soundcloud on the track’s page, click on the button at the far left end of the stem labelled “share”. Copy the Embed Code and paste it here in the message box.

It’s that simple :smiley:

Hope this mades things a little more straightforward :slight_smile:

<EMBED src= width=“100%” height=81 type=application/x-shockwave-flash allowscriptaccess=“always”> 

Endpoint by Scottwood



Hey Scott

I think there’s some good ideas in there - the spooky synth/pad at the beginning I particularly like. I do think it needs more work on the overall composition though. It’s missing changes in energy levels, though I know you do drop parts in and out.

If you look at the wav file you can see that it looks like a wall of sound. And sometimes that’s a good thing but this track, and this style needs more variation in energy IMO.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, really helpful!! :slight_smile:

Decent attempt as a first track mate…definitely better than the nonsense that was my 1st attempts :wink:

A couple of easy things to try without completely changing your arrangement…

The (I’ll also call it spooky pad) gets in your head but is present for the whole track…try dropping it at 3:22 and bring it back at 4:25…will give the track more impact once it kicks in again.

Maybe also try dropping your hats in that same break when you’re playing about with the delayed sounds…same principal, more impact when it kicks in again.

The riff at about 30secs, the delayed sound you bring in at about 1:50 and the spooky pad remain pretty static throughout the track…try sweeping the volumes or filtering each one based on what you want the listener to focus on…think of it like giving each one its opportunity to be centre stage…adds more interest.

Maybe also add a 2nd bass part to compliment what you have…the bass there is just following the pad in a structural sort of way, try using some notes in between in a higher frequency to add some movement.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, that is really helpful. Unfortunately my comp totally gave up on me last week and I lost everything… These are defo the types of tricks I’ll build into my next effort though!! :slight_smile: