First track, need your opinion guys

this is the result of a couple months using sonic academy’s tutorials, not sure how im doing so id appreciate some feedback please!!!

took me 11 hours straight and a lot of brews to make it!

its only it 128Kbps so it wont take long to download / take much HD space!

its a full track with intro & outro but still sort of unfinished (im still comtemplating adding/removing stuff, so your opinions will really help me!

please be frank, if its sh*t, tell me!

heres the link and I hope you enjoy it.

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Nice first attempt dude!

the good stuff -

the sounds your using are all good… nice kicks white noise bass sounds.

good use of side chaining gives it a nice pumping sort of sound.

few tips…

get a more solid grove going with the beats. your claps are on every beat… you could try them just on the down beat (every other beat).

the melody and the rhythm of your bass is a bit all over the place… need to be more solid and groovy… just play about a bit more… i spend ages on bass lines… hours and hours.

do some comparisons with your track and tracks you want it to sound like… pick out the different areas… bass, drums, fx… see if you can copy them… once you can sound like the stuff you like its only a small step to make your original stuff sound good.

nice work! keep us updated on your progress!:smiley:

I am right in guessing this is a techno track???

My opinion coming from somebody not as advanced as you (my first tracks is still just a lead and bassline) is one of GOOD EFFORT!

It has taken me 7 hours just getting my lead and bass so for you to do this full track in 11 after a couple of months is very confident and commited!

If this is techno, and i’m no expert on the genre, i’d tinker with it some more by giving it more of a stuttering structure on the build up to your interesting mini break in the middle, it was too repetitive for me, unless that’s how that track is meant to be, in which case tell me to sod off :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s nice to be hearing off people in the same boat as myself, i will post my track when i feel it’s as far as i can progress it.

Also gotta think about people ripping it, so my version will not be “full”

I maybe be overeacting here but i wouldn’t put it past somebody to steal ideas by downloading a full version, but then again how you supposed to get it out there without people listening to it in full, HMMMMMMMMMMM

thanks for listening guys i really do appreciate it. i know what you mean about the bass line being all over the show, i suppose i was just experimenting a little too much… and I take your advice on board about finding a good groove or rhythm to work with…im being influenced by (and listening to) tracks from all across the board in terms of genre, and each time i do, i spot another element in the track and think “wow, that bit is so subtle yet add so much more to the mix, wonder how they do it?”

i know ive got a long way to go but im learning so much about producing in general and loving it along the way! thanks again for both your inputs and i look to hear some of your projects soon! oh and the track was meant to be a sort of techy electro house track! Although I do hate to genrify (is that a word?) as all i see it doing is limiting ourselves!

keep rockin!


Hey its great to hear other people who are in a similar boat to me, i’ve been practing now since june so not long really. It really is hard getting everything to sound solid and working together, and what you find is the structure/melodies can take some time but what really takes up all the time is tweaking everything and adding all those extra fx, stabs, pads, effects etc that to the untrained ear no one really notices but it’'s what really gives a track that life.

Nice effort for your first track, i agree the bass and rhythem seemed a little out, but im really impressed with your first effort, keep it up! You’ve inspired me now to upload my latest tune.

See post to follow.