First Track Produced

Hey guys, this is the first track Ive ever started to produce, I know I still have to do some mastering and what not, but what do you think so far? What would you change, add, etc? Its not completely done, but its the basic layout im going for. And ignore the vocals I left in at the end-_-


Hey fella

You’ve got the right idea(s) going here. Needs a bit of work to polish it well though.

Good strong kick. Nice arp.

Vocal sample is good but needs a more reverb and chorus on it to spread and thicken it a lot.

It comes in way too hard though. Take the first word "whenever’ and set it to play out once with a long tail reverb on that channel strip. Record that to a new audio channel and then reverse the reverb’ed sample you recorded. Place that reversed reverb just before the vocal comes in and you’ll have a nice build into the vocal. Remember to take off the long tail reverb from your original vocal sample of course.

The repeated vocal at 0:43 sounds a bit, well, cheesy. I think it may be the way she phrases those words. Having them repeated out like that just emphasises it for me.

The chord stabs seem that appear around 0:59 seem out of sync or just don’t groove that well with the vocal. On their own they’re good but don’t seem matched up right. Perhaps the vocal line needs moving forward or back to match up with the first chord hit? Dunno. Have a play around with it.

Try filtering those chords and then opening the filter and adding some resonance to help with builds. Also, assuming it’s from a soft synth and not a sample from a pach, try opening the env release on the synth patch to lenghten the sound and mush it slightly as it builds.

Personally, on those chords, I’d drop the second half of the phrase down a fifth or so to get a deeper sound to that half and have it vary the pattern/progression.

Anyway, hope all that helps.

Yeah thanks,

I appreciate all of the comments, I’ll definitely tweak it out over the next few days, and as far as the sound goes, I’m mixing in headphones right now (Bad idea) so I’m definitely not hearing it the way it actually sounds. Thanks for all the advice, would you recommend any of the tutorial videos in particular to help me out?

The main room house one would certainly help.

There’s some good ideas in the Progressive Electro House - Deadmau5 and Progressive House - Daniel Portman tutorials too.

Definitely can use some more reverb on the plucky synth chords. And take the master output track and slap tons of compression and limiters on it :wink: get it nice and loud!