First Tune after watching SA tuts

Hi all,

After watching some SA tutorials i got busy with Ableton Live. Any feedback would be great. I know its a bit long and theres loads of efx an stuff missin and i cant help think a vocal would go down a treat but maybe next time hey :smiley:

p.s break is my fav part


check it and drop some thoughts




Just had a listen to the track - its great. Thought it all worked well and yes the break down is great. Just wondered if you should make the build up a bit bigger with a little more emotion but it depends on how you want your tune to sound.

Overall fantastic work - cant believe its one of your first tracks, sounds like youv’e been at it for ages.

if thats your first attempt at making a track im well impressed!

my first attempts were pure crap, this is really good

Hi Guys!

Cheers for the response so far. No its not the first time i’ve ever put a tune together, but it is the first tune i’ve done using all the new techniques i’ve learned from SA tuts.