Fixing the DJ mag top 100

We all know it’s been going on for years and this is how most done it!


It’s not just top 100, it’s on remix competitions too.

It’s all BS

so is this video saying that Above and Beyond need to pay for extra 3000 votes? lol more people comments on their FB status…daily

and why bother with a bot? you can do the same in few days with just internet explorer and a list of proxy servers

I always more liked the top100 of residenadvisor.

:smiley: edited!

i got a free track for voting for D.Ramirez not that i wouldn’t have voted for him any way but what the hell.

i set up 10 different accounts and voted for my top 10 dj’s and got 10 free downloads from trackitdown, i guess we can all play a system however we want to. they shouldn;t really be giving away free stuff for votes and i shouldn’t have made 10 accounts to vote, sure Tiesto’s reward for cheating would be bigger than mine but i’m not gonna lose any sleep lol

maybe we should experiment next time and try to get a member of the forum (none dj member) voted to Number One on the top 100.

Wow lol named artists from that site, pretty much the dj top 100 list hahaha

12th Planet

2020 Soundsystem

Above & Beyond

AC Slater

Adam Beyer


Alaska in Winter

Alex Gaudino

Alex Gopher

Alex Kenji

Angger Dimas


Austin Leeds


B. Traits

Bad Boy Bill



Bart B More

Bassbin Twins


Benny Benassi

Bingo Players

Bird Peterson


Body Language



Carl Cox

Chocolate Puma

Christian Smith

Christopher Lawrence



Creamer + K



Dada Life


Damian Lazarus

Dances With White Girls

Danny Daze

Danton Eeprom

David Guetta


Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Dirty Vegas

Dj Ayres of The Rub

DJ Dan

DJ Irene

DJ Nu-Mark of Jurrasic 5

DJ Vibe


Don Rimini

Donald Glaude


Dyed Soundorom

Eddie Halliwell

Eddie Thoneick

Eric Prydz

Fedde Le Grand


Felix Cartal

Ferry Corsten

Filthy Dukes



Gina Turner

Green Velvet

Guy Gerber


Harvard Bass

His Majesty Andre

Hook N Sling

Hot Natured



Ida Engberg

Jack Beats

James Doman

Jamie Jones

Jaymo & Andy George


Jim Rivers

Joachim Garraud

John ‘00’ Fleming

John Creamer

John Dahlbäck

Josh Gabriel

Josh Wink

Judge Jules

Junior Boys

Kill The Noise

King Britt


Koen Groeneveld

Laidback Luke

Layo & Bushwacka!

Lazaro Casanova

Lee Foss

Livio & Roby

Loco Dice


Manufactured Superstars

Marc Houle

Marco Carola

Marco V

Mark Brown

Martin Buttrich

Matt Tolfrey

Mickey Factz


Misstress Barbara


Mr. C



Nick Catchdubs


Oliver Twizt

Orchard Lounge

Paco Osuna

Paul Harris


Rabbit In The Moon

Ras G

Renaissance Man

Richard Vission

Richie Hawtin

Rico Tubbs

Riva Starr

Robbie Rivera

Sander Kleinenberg

Sander van Doorn

Sandro Silva


Scratch Perverts

Seamus Haji

Second Sun

Shadow Dancer

Sharam Jey

Shy FX

Sneaky Sound System

Soul Clap

Sound Of Stereo

Speedy J

Spencer Parker

Star Eyes


Steed Lord

Steve Bug

Steve Porter

Sydney Blu

The Japanese Popstars




Tom Middleton

Tom Stephan

Tommie Sunshine

Treasure Fingers

Troy Pierce

Two Fresh


Victor Calderone

Viper Creek Club


Wolfgang Gartner

didnt know you got free stuff for votin get me over there !!!

Yup. I told you. There is a reason they have that many clients…

The few exceptions are guys like Armin, Deadmau5, Infected Mushroom, Justice…

As far as strictly dance music/producer/DJs goes…

There are 2 big agencies… AMONLY & The Windish Agency(Justice, Digweed, Sasha)…

Then there are 2 smaller agencies that have a couple big clients:

Coast2Coast( Infected, Skazi, Yahel) & David Lewis (Armin, Markus Schultz, Rank 1)

Those are the big 4. Get signed to any one of them and you are going to pick up gigs.

On top of that I am positive that they all have strategies for getting/keeping you in the list.

Obviously not everybody makes it and it doesnt always work…

Any other agency pales in comparison to those 4. Atleast from my experience.

More then the artists themselves… the big 4 compete to get their artists to the top.

You can’t look at their client list and say otherwise.

Hey United,

Can you explain what happened with DJ Dan and Christopher Lawrence? I didnt hear about it. My curiosity is peaked…

[quote]howiegroove (11/08/2010)[hr]Hey United,

Can you explain what happened with DJ Dan and Christopher Lawrence? I didnt hear about it. My curiosity is peaked…[/quote]

Yeah… they got caught having multiple votes from the same IP addresses. This was the year that DJ Mag decided to count the votes by hand instead of using software. Before they just did a talley and whatever came up was the result. Now they claim to have a lot of security to make sure it is legit…

But I could break through it with the right ammount of $$ and I am not even a big DJ.

Anybody with $ could hire a technical (web/developer/programmer) to find a solution.

It seems DJ Mag took down the post… (probably got paid off by the management/agents)

However the beauty of the internet is that nothing really ever goes away

This is from 2007!


This year DJ Mag has been appalled and disgusted to discover suspicious voting irregularities in their Top 100 DJs poll. For the first time ever, now that DJmag is wholly independent again, the votes in this year’s poll have been collated in-house, and while in previous years we’ve relied on technology to weed out suspect votes, this year it’s been proved that there’s nothing more effective than the naked eye.

With 345,000 votes cast by email, publisher James Robertson has spent a ridiculous number of man-hours going through each vote. His discoveries have resulted in several DJs being disqualified from this year’s poll.

Roberston explained: “This year, I made a decision to investigate votes where the same IP address appeared over 50 times for the same person. The chances of the same person getting voted for by 50 different computers each having been allocated the same IP address within a week would be billions to one.” The biggest DJs at the centre of our investigation were US stars Christopher Lawrence and DJ Dan. Both shared the same marketing manager.

“In both their cases, a script was used to bypass our security system,” said Roberston. "Not only did we get multiple votes from the same IP address, but we got multiple votes from multiple IP addresses — in other words, we received in excess of 50 votes from the same IP address on over 20 occasions. Both Lawrence and Dan vehemently denied any involvement in vote rigging. “I take this matter very seriously,” said DJ Dan. “My assistant and I confronted my former marketing manager via telephone. He strongly denied any wrongdoing, but had no credible explanation for the improper voting. Christopher Lawrence, who used the same marketing person this year, reported similar voting problems. When I discovered the common link was our marketing person, I immediately terminated him.” Lawrence’s lawyer Kent Liu said: "My clients are willing to declare under oath that they themselves did not purchase or use a script, nor did they instruct any person in their employ to do so.

"Chinese cheat DJ Tiesmi admitted paying cash for votes. “Tiesmi explained to me that it cost 4000 Yuan (£260) for 100,000 votes. He had paid a software engineer to create a script to by-pass our security code,” said Roberston. "However, it became apparent very quickly that Tiesmi was cheating when he raced to the No.1 spot within hours of the voting starting. “His friend Yutise, who seemed to appear on the same bill as Tiesmi, as the second DJ, was also investigated. He explained that it was not him cheating, but his crazed fans who he had no control over,” said Robertson. “It’s funny though that the world’s biggest DJs, like PvD and Tiësto, don’t seem to have such problems.”

More voting irregularities surround the Flash Brothers from Israel — we detected over 1300 votes from the same IP address. They blamed “friends and family”. In a statement to DJmag, they said: “It appears that some of our friends and family simply wanted to surprise us at all costs and help our cause. We certainly do not condone such behaviour. We feel very distraught about this whole affair. We accept full responsibility for this affair but are quite adamant it boils down to sheer stupidity and oversight.” Hong Kong DJ Erick Junior has been dubbed “the fastest cheat in the East” after a four-day avalanche of votes saw him shoot to third position in the poll. Like the others, he has been disqualified.

DJmag Editor Lesley Wright commented: “It’s outrageous that DJs should attempt to cheat. It shows a blatant disregard for the Top 100 poll, for DJ Magazine and, most importantly, for their fellow DJs. Shame on them.”

Written by Andre LeFort:

First of all, this vote is NOT true to the public’s word. I would like to share a couple instances with the public that ARE true. The publishers James Robertson and Lesley Wright rig the entire vote.

  1. After Tiesto won the 2004 DJ Mag poll and did not show up for the DJ Mag party to spin, Lesley Wright stated that “Tiesto will never be #1 in my poll again” . Hmmmm… I find that to be interesting. So who’s really rigging the votes here?

  2. It’s also been confirmed that the same thing happened to Paul Van Dyk last year that happened to Dan and CL this year. But last year all the magazine did was get rid of the votes and give PVD a small slap on the hand. No naming and shaming???

  3. One more thing, DJ Mag claims to have received 217,000 votes during the 2006 poll but more than one legitimate industry source has stated they got less than 70,000 unique votes. I’m not sure what the difference is between a “unique vote” or a “regular vote” but regardless something doesn’t seem right.

    I’m glad that the magazine is doing this because it’s going to make the public question the validity of this poll. And then maybe people will start to make their own decisions on who their favorite dj is and not depend on some lame poll that is rigged by its publishers. If you all think your votes are what’s determining the Top 100, you are all sadly mistaken. It’s Lesley Wright, James Robertson, and their pathetic team of minions at DJ Mag.[/quote]


What happened?

[quote]ICN (04/05/2011)[hr]What happened?[/quote]

:smiley: not sure!

I hate it when I miss something :unsure:

BoneIDOL is the No.1 DJ in the DJ Mag top 100!


Congrats Man!!

[quote]ICN (05/05/2011)[hr]BoneIDOL is the No.1 DJ in the DJ Mag top 100!


Congrats Man!![/quote]


Cheers fella.

Maybe one day when you sell enough lucky heather and pegs you can get someone to do all the dog work and you can be No.1 Dj!


I’d appreciate a response on the exact schedule please :stuck_out_tongue: :hehe: :cool:



Guess I’ll have to start selling power tools as well :smiley: