[FL Studio 12] Plugin seems to 'not connect with channel'

Hi there,

I just purchased ANA and I’m really looking forward to use it… just I can’t.

Installation and licensing went flawless but when I load the plugin to a channel it only opens the synth a window that is seemingly not connected to anything. I can use the mouse to play a note on the software keyboard, but notes in the piano roll don´t trigger anything. Same with hitting the keyboard.
Also the added channel is empty, so there is no vst chosen (it´s named as ‘Sample’). Same effect when I try to Replace any channel´s VST or sample with ANA: The chosen Instrument stays the same, only a window with ANA opens that works pretty fine itself but is useless to work with.

Would be great if someone could help me.

Edit: Also I have to restart FL because I can´t hear anything after loading ANA, except the notes I can play directly in the VST software keyboard.




it doesn’t look like you’ve loaded ANA onto any channels.

You need to create a Instrument channel - click the “+” symbol you see below the world sampler and select a Instrument from here, or use the “Add > Add instrument Channel” from your menus


I just replied to your mail but for the chance of helping someone else eventually, let’s roll it of here. :wink:
Let me just cp:

thanks for your reply, but that’s what I did.
What FL then does is creating an instrument channel with Sampler loaded instead of ANA. It opens ANA as a VST, but just in that window that’s popping up.
If I use the piano roll/step sequencer or my midi keyboard to play a note, all MIDI goes into the Sampler, not to ANA.

Second bad side-effect: I can’t hear anything from now on - but notes I play directly via mouse cursor on ANA’s software keyboard.
…so maybe ANA kinda messes with the sound drivers as well?

I hope that claryfies my problems.

This might help

If you encounter issues where VST instruments are opening as a Sampler Channel and not responding to input they are probably missclassified as Effects plugins. The Channel Rack hosts Generator (instrument) plugins, to avoid these Generator plugins from opening as Effects in the Mixer you must do the following:

Select ‘Options > Manage plugins’.
Within the Plugin Manager select the following options:

      'Rescan previously verified plugins'
      'Rescan plugins with errors'
      'Verify plugins' 

Start scan.

After the scan is completed, your plugins should now be properly identified as Generators and should no longer open as Effects plugins.

Alternative solution

If the above solution doesn’t work you may need to remove associated plugin database entries containing old information about the plugin(s):

From the FL Studio Browser, locate the entry for the plugin you’re having issues with in ‘Plugin database > Generators’ and ‘Plugin database > Effects’.
If the plugin entry is present right-click it and select ‘Delete file…’.
Once you’ve confirmed the plugin entry is no longer present in either of the aforementioned locations, load the plugin from the Browser in ‘Plugin database > Installed > Generators > VST’ to confirm that it loads as expected.

If the plugin opens correctly you can now manage the plugin using the Plugin Manager or ‘More plugins…’ window as usual.

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Thanks for your support, it works!